Ccm p88 lie

Warrior made this happen with their Enigma 25K carbon fiber that is the lightest, strongest and most responsive material they have ever used. Warrior used an incredibly sleek and unique paint job on top of one of their most elite, versatile sticks they ever designed, the Alpha DX. Its unique Sabre Taper offers shot versatility whether you need a quick shot release when there are only seconds on the clock or you're looking to blast the puck through the net with a big one-timer. The Alpha SE2 offers solid performance for the recreational or casual hockey player, especially if they're looking for a versatile stick to call theirs.

Warrior also used a heavy-duty blend of carbon fiberglass that can withstand the punishment of frequent use! Thanks to their exclusive Sabre Shaft Taper, the DX gives players the optimal shot release no matter if it's a big one-timer from the blue line or if it's a quick snapshot in tight near the net. Thanks to the exclusive Sabre shaft taper, the DX3 brings versatility to the game by providing the optimal shot release from the point, to in tight near the goalie, and everywhere in between.

The DX4 features the new Fuelcore Blade that not only provides better puck feel and shot pop, but it also extends the lifespan of the stick with exciting internal materials.

The DX5 boasts a great shot at this price point courtesy of the Sabre Taper that even the top of the line DX stick uses! Warrior built this stick to survive all sorts of impacts by using a strong blend of materials paired with one of the best construction processes on the market today.

Lastly, the Alpha DX5 stick features a unique ergonomic shaft shape for incredible comfort and control. While it is shaped similarly to the Covert's Dagger Taper, the Sabre taper provides better stability for the blade while also giving it a bit more shot power too. Warrior's exclusive Sabre Taper provides a consistent shot release whether they are taking a wrist shot in close or snapshot from the circle.

The DL model boasts a unique color option that will make any player stand out from the pack. Warrior was able to accomplish this by undergoing a major taper overhaul that leaves the Dagger Taper in the past and moves forward with the new Edge geometry.

Evolving from the successful Dagger Taper from the Widow days, the radical new design provides better torsional stability, resulting in significantly better accuracy and a quicker shot release.

The QRE3 utilizes Warrior's new Edge Taper and its one-of-a-kind shape that creates next-level stability, accuracy and speed of release. The QRE5 also uses the same True1 Phantom construction process that makes for top-notch balance and feel, even at this opening price point.

Warrior's new Edge Taper was primarily engineered to improve accuracy but speeding up one of the already quickest shot releases on the market was a great byproduct too! While the Alpha QX is better suited for a power shooter, the Covert QR Edge is ideal for players who don't spend too much time loading up their stick before shooting.

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Pro Stock vs. Retail (featuring Patrick Kane's Pro Stick!)

Warrior Fantom Sticks. Warrior Alpha Sticks. Warrior Covert Sticks. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. You'll find more information on cookies at Data Protection.Curve Lie: 5.

The True AX9 Stick features an optimized low kick profile that delivers a lightning-quick, explosive release from any position on the ice, with effortless energy loading. Featuring the redefined optimized low kick profile, the True AX7 stick delivers a lightning-fast explosive release from any position on the ice.

Stick curve pattern database

By leveraging our Fibershield Technology, the AX7 looks to maximize performance with greater durability and an optimized balance point, making it the ultimate team stick. The True AX5 Stick delivers elite performance for players seeking quick release shots while remaining budget-conscious. Like the category-leading AX9, the AX5 features our redefined optimized low kick profile for lightning-fast explosive release from any position on the ice. True utilized a low kick flex profile that requires less time and effort to get the puck off the blade and into the back of the net.

This creates the sensation of a sub gram stick in the hands without sacrificing strength or durability that a gram stick offers. While it only weighs grams in seniorthe strategically high balance point makes the A4. The extra weight can also be a benefit for defensive play as it allows the player to more effectively knock the opponent's stick off the puck. XCore Gen2 provides a 3 times larger sweet spot and even better puck control by the repositioning and redesign of the compressible urethane insert in the blade.

XCore Gen2 gives players a 3 times larger sweet spot for shooting and significantly better puck control for catching passes and stickhandling.

The A5. Combined with the 3K carbon twill, the A6. Checkout 0.

ccm p88 lie

Stick Length : 54", 56", True A6. True A4. Stick Length : True A5. We use cookies to make our website and your shopping experience effective, secure and user-friendly. If you stay on this website, you agree to the use of cookies. You'll find more information on cookies at Data Protection.The 2S Pro builds on the back of the successful Supreme 1S but boasts all-new technologies like the DuraFlex Resin System and the ACL Blade Technology that provides better pop life, overall better impact resistance and improved playability with a higher balance point.

By utilizing ADV-inspired ACL technology, the FlyLite weighs an incredible grams in senior but can get the puck on net quicker and more accurate than ever before. Choose from a wide variety of customization options that include exclusive curve patterns, a pro-like personalized name bar along with custom-only stick grip textures, finishes and color options! If you are ready to order, follow the steps below!

Creating one of the quickest and most accurate shot releases in the game is the brand new Bauer XE Elliptical Taper. Thanks to its unique QRT shaft taper, the X2. Inspired by Easton's Elliptical taper, Bauer has re-engineered their design to harness an even faster shot release and pin-point accuracy. Bauer was able to reduce the weight to an incredible grams in a senior 60" stick with their new High-Performance Mold Process and Max Balance Blade Technology, making it hard to distinguish from the much higher price top-end sticks.

Bauer used a full uni-directional carbon shaft and a 3K carbon blade that brings the weight down to an incredible grams without sacrificing a hair of playability or feel. The 2S Pro builds on the back of the successful Supreme 1S and boasts premium materials such as a unidirectional carbon fiber shaft and a pro-inspired, 12K carbon fiber blade.

These, along with the high mid-kick flex profile, provides one of the lightest and most powerful youth stick on the market. With the Nexus ADV, Bauer wanted the ultimate balance of a featherlight feel at grams and versatile playability for players need a stick that can do it all.

The Nexus Team Stick boasts truly elite shot responsiveness and overall feel in the hands thanks to the MonoComp one-piece construction with its pro 12K carbon fiber. Similar to the ACL Technology in the 2N Pro, the Max-Balance Technology in the N's blade maintains the same level of durability as before but the significant weight reduction improves the balance point and speeds up its shot release.

Bauer used their most popular kick point in the NHL, the signature mid-kick point with Sweet Spot Technology that provides a deadly quick shot release paired with blistering shot power when the time calls for it. With Bauer's industry-leading expertise, the NSX boasts a quality blend of carbon and fiberglass that provides higher-end playability without sacrificing durability. Bauer's blade features a combination of ABS and carbon fiber Air Bond that gives players exceptional puck feel and the ability to play on any surface, including rough asphalt.

Designed with a mid-kick point, players can maximize their energy transfer into any shot at any time. Instead of just one size fits all, Bauer developed three different lengths and flexes so that young players have a stick that is sized according to their height and weight. This way every young player can learn how to accurately pass, shoot and stickhandle the puck. For the first time players, the stick also features tape application graphics that shows them how and where to apply stick tape.Finding the best stick and then not being able to get another one can be frustrating!

If your looking for one like you just had, but you can't find it in the player Ex. Nugent-Hopkinsor pattern number P19or even the brand Reebok is done than here is a guide for you.

Is my Reebok or CCM stick still available in a different name or number or is it discontinued? It can be confusing, but yes we can find something for you that is at the very least extremely close, below is an outline. Right - Blade 1. Right - Blade 2. Right - Blade 3. Right - Blade 4. Right - Blade 5. I hope that helps to clarify things! Contact us if you have any specific questions.

Cannot find much info about this pattern. Do you know what available CCM curve comes close to matching? Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. New Pro Flex Youth Clearance. Goalie Sticks Goalie Equipment.

Contact info hockeystickman. Still filling Online Orders - Use Code "freeshipping". Joey Walsh. Facebook Twitter Email. Older Post. Newer Post.

ccm p88 lie

Mel November 14, Any idea the lie on the P90T benn pro curve? Rob Taylor October 25, Leave a comment Name.

ccm p88 lie

Newsletter Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases, and more! Join our list to be the first to know about new stock and deals. Age verification. By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol. Shopping Cart. Your cart is currently empty. Shop now. Left Right.Have you ever had a hockey stick that for some reason just felt right? Gave you harder shots, better accuracy, and increased control which made you attack the game with a new type of confidence? Or in Ovechkin's case switched brands and curve.

Here is a little something that the HockeyStickMan put together to help you understand the different types of patterns on the market:. Check out our entire selection. Any questions about the curves? I will get back to you right away! Hey HSMan! Now using the bauer mid-toe P92 im in a bit of trouble, i. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. New Pro Flex Youth Clearance. Goalie Sticks Goalie Equipment.

Contact info hockeystickman. Still filling Online Orders - Use Code "freeshipping". Choosing the right hockey stick blade pattern or curve. For puck control, quick release, and firing shots.

Start with this pattern. The second most popular pattern in hockey. For stick handling, wrist shots, and quick release. Joey Walsh. Facebook Twitter Email. Stick Information. Older Post. Newer Post. Dexter March 18, Forgot your password? By the1kpAugust 13, in Ice Hockey Equipment. Does anyone have experience using the CCM P30 curve?

I'm looking to pick up a new stick for the Winter season and currently using the W88 curve. I am currently using a P30 and am a P88 guy. Passing and handling feel the same to me as well. It is now my favorite curve, and i've noticed my puck control, and shooting have been better than ever. It could also be due to how good i think this stick is, but some of it i have to attribute to the curve IMO. Give a quick search and you should be able to find it. My kid has been a P88 guy all his life and tried the P30 on a Supertacks 2.

The stick itself was whatever but the P30 curve he loved. Pretty much identical with P88 except the toe is kinked. I agree, my Trigger2 is just meh, but I love the P30 coming from a P I'm the opposite as your son though - I'll stick with the Trigger2 to keep the P30 blade. I like the curve more than a P92 but a little less than the P I think passing and taking quick shots when the puck is not level is easier with the P30 vs the P The slightly fatter toe is also easier to scoop the puck.

That being said, I still like the P28 more. I have been wanting to try the Trigger but the feedback is the blade is soft and not very durable. Is that your impression? Or did you like the blade and dislike the shaft? The blade is fine.Close Recently added item s. When buying a new Ice Hockey Stick there are several different factors you might take into consideration. Most major Hockey Stick brands have a variety of different Hockey Stick Curves, with many of them having both strengths and weaknesses.

When determining which Hockey Stick Curve would be best for you, it is important to keep in mind what position you play, what type of shots you primarily take, and which one plays the best to the strengths of your game.

That said, this guide will dive into what some of the different types of curves, how they affect the puck, Hockey Stick Curves from the major stick brands, some NHL player curves, along with some popular commonly asked questions about Hockey Stick Blade Curves.

This classic mid-curve blade is a great all-around blade, excelling in puck control, stick handling, hard wrist shots, and quick releases!

ccm p88 lie

Hockey Sticks with the P88 curve can be found here. This rather tame Hockey Stick Curve is a great option for stickhandling and taking both forehand and backhand shots. Hockey Sticks with the PM9 Curve can be found here. This Hockey Stick Blade is one of the most popular in the game today and features a deep mid-curve allowing for great stickhandling and puck control.

Hockey Stick Blade Curve & Pattern Guide

However, it also utilizes a very open face that provide maximum lift on your shots. As a downside of the very open face, backhand shooting and passing accuracy will be negatively affected. Hockey Sticks with the P29 Curve can be found here. This Hockey Blade curve is a great option for players who play the game with the puck on the toe of their stick, due to the toe curve with an open face. This makes it very easy for players to get the puck off their blade and into the top corner quickly.

However, while this curve is a great shooters curve, it is one of the hardest to learn and control due to the amount of lift it creates. Hockey Sticks with the P28 Curve can be found here. There can be a lot to learn when it comes to Hockey Stick Curves, so stop in to any one of our MonkeySports stores across the United States, where you can try out various curves in the shooting rooms!

In the meantime, you can learn additional information about our different Hockey Stick Blades by visiting our website here! There are no retail curves currently made that would be deemed illegal. A way to check if a curve is illegal is to lay the stick flat so that the curve of the blade is flat against a surface.

Stand a quarter up and see if it fits inside the curve of the blade. If it does, it means that Hockey Blade Pattern has too much curve and is illegal. There are a few different factors when determining how long a hockey stick blade lasts.

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