Bromelain tendonitis

Posted by Igor Klibanov Mar 1, 0. A while back, I developed some tendonitis in my adductor one of the groin muscles.

Best Supplements for Tendonitis: Turmeric, Bromelain, and More.

What is tendonitis? I guess it can come with being a competitive powerlifter ie I lift heavy things for no good reason. Every sport has its signature injuriesand in powerlifting, it happens to be tendonitis. But enough about me. Original source: here. Yes, it would. Good luck with that. Tell a runner to stop running, and you might get some tears. He teaches at the naturopathic college. And by the way, I have no financial interest in any of these products.

In my article on inflammationI explain what are the 2 causes of joint inflammation, and the 4 things you can do about it. A lot of people are particularly interested in turmeric for tendonitis, but let me make one small correction, my friend: turmeric is a food. How much turmeric would you have to consume for tendonitis? More than humanly possible.

Bromelain is a natural enzyme chemical found in pineapples. What it does is it stimulates the cells that make up tendons tenocytes. So how much should you take? Rarely will you find just bromelain by itself in a supplement.

In my article on how to figure out the right supplement doseI give 4 criteria to help you figure out how much of any supplement to use. But then, it was stuck at that level for another 3 weeks. I only took 1 capsule, 3 times per day, for 3 days. Then I did a workout that involved squats. To put things in perspective, with complete rest, tendonitis should go away in about months. So if you continue exercising, you naturally continue aggravating the issue, and it can take years to heal, if it heals at all.

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What's The Secret To Fixing Shoulder Tendonitis?

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They can be difficult to manage and recover from, but supplements may help speed up healing. InI took an antibiotic which would change the direction of my life drastically. It happened just before I was planning on going to medical school to become a doctor.

One of the things which persisted the longest was the tendon and ligament issues that I developed. It was super frustrating!

Within two days of taking the antibiotic, I was unable to walk without pain and feeling my tendons would snap. I was already aware that this was a serious, but apparently rare side effect. Tendon and ligament damage from sport and overuse are much more common. However, in both cases, it can be a struggle for people to overcome because these type of injuries tend to reoccur if not treated properly. There were a few mistakes I made when I tried to recover from tendinitis.

Doing nothing leaves them weak and prone to injury again, which can make the recovery process even longer. Despite the lengthy recovery time, I did find a few supplements which helped me along the way. The supplements that I included were based on scientific evidence.

Below are a few supplements which I recommend trying if you are struggling to recover from tendon and ligament injuries. Many of the mechanisms that lead to chronic inflammation and tendon weakness are similar, even if the cause is very different. Hopefully, with these supplements, you can reduce the time to recovery. Your tendons have to remodel to become strong and less prone to injury in the future.

So, you need to also exercise when the acute inflammation phase has died down. Protein is the building block for muscles, ligaments, and tendons, and not getting enough of it could result in slow healing times. Not only that, protein has an IGF-1 stimulating effect, which is required for cell proliferation and differentiation.

In one study, researchers showed that an increase in systemic IGF-1 is able to significantly improve healing of collagenous tissue. Therefore would be extremely helpful for reducing the healing time and strengthening damaged ligaments and tendons [ 1 ]. One thing to keep in mind also is that some types of protein have a bigger effect than others.

Whey protein is usually the best for increasing IGF-1 levels.Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from the stem of the pineapple plant Ananas comosus that is thought to have anti-inflammatory effects as well as edema-inhibiting actions, and that may slow blood clotting. Bromelain is used in both folk and modern medicine to help relieve pain.

Uses For Bromelain: When taken orally, bromelain can act as an anti-inflammatory. It is used to help address swelling after injury or surgery; minimize muscle soreness after intense exercise; relieve pain related to arthritis and knee concerns; and treat symptoms related to hay fever, sinusitis, goutbruises, ulcerative colitis, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

People taking antibiotics or medications, herbs or supplements that slow blood clotting should consult with their physician before taking bromelain to avoid adverse reaction. Some people are sensitive to bromelain and may develop hives and itching when taking bromelain — discontinue use if this occurs. Those scheduled for surgery should discontinue use or bromelain two weeks prior to the procedure to reduce the risk of bleeding, although some people use the agent beginning a few days after surgery provided the doctor approves to help reduce swelling and discomfort.

Bromelain is a very effective treatment for severe bruises and hematomas. This enzyme is absorbed from the GI tract and is able to promote healing of tissue injuries. It can be effective in addressing black eyes, gout, inguinal herniasand after having wisdom teeth extracted.

Look for the capsules at health food stores. Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer version.

bromelain tendonitis

Stockton, CA, updated March 12, and accessed April 5, at. Stay Connected With Dr. Anti-Inflammatory Diet Follow Dr. Trending Now. Herbs Aloe Vera. Herbs Arnica. Herbs Bacopa.As a lifelong bodybuilder and construction worker, I suffered with tendonitis all over my body for most of my adult life--specifically in both of my elbows. I tried everything you could imagine--acupuncture, active-release technique, etc. Eventually however I found the cure to come from a combination of two supplements: bromelain and cissus.

Here is a quick explanation of the anatomy behind tendonitis. Think of your tendons as ropes or cables that operate to pull your muscles and joints like a machine. When these ropes or cables are put under strain, or are weakened for some reason, they tend to fray under the tension.

When your tendons fray, tiny fibers poke out from them, just like a frayed old rope. Now, all tendons are contained within a "tendon sheath, " and the tendon moves back and forth within that sheath as you move your various body parts. When a tendon is healthy and smooth, it moves back and forth within the sheath smoothly. When a tendon is frayed, however, it creates friction as it moves back and forth in the sheath. The inflammation that results from the tendon's frayed fibers constantly rubbing against the tendon sheath is--you guessed it--tendonitis.

In theory, the body should eventually be able to digest up the frayed fibers and heal the tendon, but anyone who's had tendonitis knows that this process can easily take years. Now here's why the remedy works: bromelain is a very potent protein-digesting enzyme derived from pineapple cores.

When you ingest this enzyme, it basically enhances your body's ability to digest up any sort of scar tissue, etc. The frayed tendon fibers causing your tendonitis are precisely the sort of dead fiber that bromelain helps to digest.

Although bromelain by itself works very well, I have found that adding cissus an herb known for healing joints together with the bromelain brought me back pretty much good as new. Just remember to take the bromelain on an empty stomach, otherwise it will simply digest whatever protein happens to be in your stomach and you will have wasted your money. Finally, while topically-applied DMSO and drinking apple cider vinegar also have a good reputation for helping tendonitis and inflammation, I don't think they're necessary, although they are both excellent remedies and adding them certainly won't hurt you.

Thank you, I will try this. It seems like one morning I woke up to severe pain in feet, ankles, knees, shins, elbows, shoulder and hands. Plus add trigger finger. I really hope this works. All rights reserved. Share your thoughts with our readers Write a review.

bromelain tendonitis

Bromelain Natural Cures. You must be logged in to this post! Please sign in:. Report a problem About Us Reprints and Permissions. Terms of Service Privacy Policy.Tendonitis tendinitis is the inflammation of any tendon in the body. Tendons are a band of thick fibrous connective tissues that connect muscles to the bone. Tendonitis is often caused by continuous stress which is a result of heavy and prolonged activity. For example, you work out your shoulder regularly at the gym without proper warm-up and rest and end up inflaming the tendon in the shoulder.

Tendonitis tends to cause more pain at night or when you wake up than the day. This is due to the fact that your joints are still all night.

Proper exercise and right nutrition are how you can heal tendonitis. There are specific minerals and vitamins you need in order to help your body repair the inflamed tendon, and you may not be able to get them in adequate amounts from your diet. Taking supplements will help you get the right nutrition needed to cure tendonitis effectively.

Certain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients promote healing and reduce inflammation caused by tendonitis. They help in relieving pain and in the recovery process 1. While these nutrients can be obtained naturally from food, you may not be able to get the adequate amount needed per day, every day.

Supplements are required to substitute this need for nutrition. Here, we list eight nutrients that are vital in tendonitis recovery and also list the natural foods that you can get them from. You can get supplements for each of these over the counter or through a prescription. Do not consume more than the allowed dietary limit. Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation in addition to synthesizing collagen that is needed for tissue repair.

It is one of the most needed vitamins for tendonitis. You can get Vitamin C from food such as spinach, kale, and citrus fruits, but taking supplements will help you get the daily required amount.

Bromelain for Tendonitis

You may not be able to hit the daily amount through food only, so consider taking supplements after consulting with a physician. Take vitamin C supplements daily or as prescribed by your doctor.

Omega-3 fatty acids contain anti-inflammatory compounds that help in the treatment of tendonitis. Most Omega-3 supplements also contain Vitamin D, a vital nutrient that improves Calcium absorption. You can get omega-3 fats from fatty fish like salmon, sardines and tuna, or through supplements like cod liver oil capsules.

Cod liver oil capsules are one of the best supplements for tendonitis. You can take 1 fish oil capsule a day, more if prescribed by a doctor.

Bromelain contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling of an inflamed tendon, and also helps relieve pain caused by tendonitis. The pain you experience when you have tendonitis is often due to inflammation, and anti-inflammatory foods help relieve this pain. Raw papaya and pineapples are foods that are rich in bromelain. You can use bromelain supplements to help you get an adequate required amount daily.

Vitamin A supports cell growth, boosts immune system functioning, and promotes healing. It is an essential nutrient needed to stay fit and heal injuries like tendonitis. Food like eggs, fortified skimmed milk, oranges, broccoli, and spinach are rich in vitamin A.

Take supplements after consulting with a doctor to get your daily required amounts of Vitamin A. Consuming Vitamin E through supplements helps boost immune function and also helps reduce inflammation. This helps reduce the swelling of the tendons and provides relief form tendonitis pain.

Certain nuts, seeds, and vegetable-based oils are common foods for Vitamin E. Consult a doctor and take Vitamin E supplements to get the required daily amount. Zinc, like Vitamin C, promotes collagen synthesis that helps in tissue repair. It is also required for a healthy immune system.Treating tendonitis involves reducing the inflammation that is causing the pain. Resting the affected area wrist, elbow etc. While home remedies for tendonitis, like turmeric and ginger, can aid the tendon in healing more quickly, it will still take some time for the inflammation to subside and the tendon to return to normal.

Tendons connect muscle to bone and when this tissue becomes inflamed, it is known as tendonitis. Tendonitis is painful and heals slowly, but natural remedies can help. Tendonitis is usually caused by overuse, especially for those over Although the body possesses hundreds of tendons, a specific few are usually the problem because they are located where the blood supply is poor.

Insufficient blood leads to not enough oxygen and nutrients, needed by the tendon for healing. There are many herbal remedies for tendonitis. Alfalfa is well-known as an effective blood remedy and is helpful in increasing blood, needed by the tendon for healing. Acupuncture and ice packs give short-term pain relief. Pain relief is one of the many uses of alfalfa as a common home remedy; it is also an effective blood detoxifier. Studies show Alfalfa contains many different nutrients and is generally considered safe for adults, children and pregnant or nursing mothers.

However, alfalfa is so effective that it should not be used in conjunction with aspirin or blood thinning medications.

Turmeric and ginger are effective alternative remedies for many ailments, including tendonitis. These popular remedies work to increase blood supply to the tendon by increasing circulation, thus reducing inflammation and aiding in faster healing.

Turmeric has a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine for inflammatory conditions. Turmeric and Ginger are also great antioxidants, which also helps tissues heal by removing free radicals. Massage generally increases circulation and speeds healing. A technique called transverse friction massage is believed to reduce tendonitis pain, improve blood flow and prevent scar tissue and adhesions from forming in the connective tissue.

bromelain tendonitis

As long as the problem area is reachable, anyone can easily learn the technique to use on themselves, making this a safe, effective and free natural treatment. Tendonitis can often be treated at home with rest, remedies and massage. However, no matter what treatment is used, if the affected tendon is not rested, it will not heal properly. Increasing blood flow to the tendon is central to reducing the inflammation and pain.

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Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of follow-up comments to my post via e-mail. For tendonitis, perform physical therapy to include stretching Achilles tendon and calf musclesstrengthening, and use of anti-inflammatory methods, including ice, ultrasound, or iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is a treatment that uses an electric current to deliver dexamethasone to the affected area to reduce inflammation.Bromelain is an enzyme that is found in pineapple.

This enzyme is an amazing natural remedy that is used for health problems from bruising to cancer. This natural enzyme helps break down protein and thus makes it very helpful for a variety of digestive complaints, including heartburn, acid reflux and colitis.

Perhaps the most common reason people take bromelain is to reduce inflammation. Billions of dollars are spent each year on pain medications. Unfortunately, pain medications, even over the counter pain medications are not without side effects. Frequent or overuse of pain medications can cause serious health problems, including liver damage and kidney damage.

Prescription pain medication can become addictive. Overuse of pain medication can even cause death.

bromelain tendonitis

Many people are finding that bromelain reduces pain and inflammation as effectively as over the counter and prescription medications.

Bromelain carries a lower risk of side effects and brings no risk of addiction. Bromelain is even used post-operatively to reduce pain in some cases instead of prescription pain medications. Its reputation for reducing bruising makes it especially appealing for some types of surgery. A purist will want to get his bromelain straight from the source — the pineapple.

You can consume pineapple juice or you can eat pineapple. For most people who wish to take bromelain on a regular basis however, bromelain capsules can be taken. For pain and inflammation, bromelain is taken once or twice a day on an empty stomach.

For digestive problems, bromelain is taken with meals. Bromelain is not for everyone. If you are allergic to or sensitive to pineapple, you should avoid bromelain. If you want to take bromelain for pain after surgery, you should check with your surgeon to make sure it is compatible with any other medications you are taking post surgery, and to make sure its blood thinning properties would not interfere with your healing.

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