Bmw e90 adaptive headlight adjustment

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Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. I just acquired a loaded set of these that are internally broken on the adaptive portion of them. At the least I'll take them apart and use the projectors in my 97 is but not sure if maybe some of the rest of it might be useful.

It's got bulbs, ballasts, and all the motors even. Tags: None.

bmw e90 adaptive headlight adjustment

August 27th,AM. I have no experience with newer bmws but you could very well just be testing with an incorrect power supply. If the projectors, ballasts, bulbs are good, theyre probably still a great option for a retro. I know a lot of people have toyed with in-car height adjustment, and I can tell you its really a PITA!.

Unless you have a lot of time and electrical know-how on your side, I really think its more trouble than its worth Comment Post Cancel. August 27th,PM. Originally posted by chawski View Post. Theres also a number of companies that make bmw specific aftermarket lights.

All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.Remember Me? Can anyone tell me how to adjust my headlights left to right? Is that adjustable? Thanks, dbuss. Appreciate 0. First Lieutenant. Has anyone ever figured this out?


After 3 yrs of potholes my right and left beam cross at a distance of about 50'. This is really annoying. They both still move left and right with the wheel, so it's not the motor but where they are in rest. I have a E92 with standard xenons.

Second Lieutenant. You can try removing the bulb and putting it back in if that may help Appreciate 2. FYI you will probably need a flashlight the first time to figure out where in that hole the adjustment is. On the left to right screw which way do we turn it to move it in a certain direction? The dealership did mine the other day, amazing how good properly aligned headlights can be.

Originally Posted by Montego Originally Posted by mikefl. Dub's homepage! Find More Posts by J. Originally Posted by J. All times are GMT The time now is PM. User Name. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. Appreciate 0 Tweet. Find More Posts by dbuss.

bmw e90 adaptive headlight adjustment

Find More Posts by Patsfan Appreciate 2 mantis Find More Posts by mikefl.Log in or Sign up. Post Count: 2 Likes Received Can anyone help with the specifications and process for adjusting the height of the adaptive headlights? Since new, the car has annoyed truckers and oncoming traffic thinking my brights are on.

The lights seem much higher than the i I had earlier with the same system. Post Count: 55 Likes Received I think your car has auto-leveling feature; I don't know IF you can adjust the height or not. Right you are, there is self-leveling. The service center indicated an adjustment screw behind each unit but did not reveal the specific process or limits. I know the germans would have a specific metric for this. Post Count: 1, Likes Received Since headlight aim is a specific inspection related issue in many states, you should be able to find out how to adjust them.

I don't have any experience with the new ones, but older ones the headlight aim is adjusted automatically with a little device that gets a ride height from the right front control arm.

Maybe you can adjust the length of the pushrod. Post Count: Likes Received If they're anything like mine E90 they have a hex screw on the back. Just get an allen wrench to adjust them. I can't tell you the specs but if you say they are too high lower them and take a test drive. Just find a level area with a vertical surface for the lights to shine on. Park about 20 feet away and slap a piece of tape up there to mark your starting point 1 piece per light. Adjust by trial and error.

If you screw up too bad you can always go back to original setting.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page.If you don't want a VIOS to tapao u at night on the highway just because you can't see the road ahead due the poor low beam upper range illumination, please make sure you do this.

Tools required: 1. A cross head screwdriver or 6mm Allen key. Some masking tape. Blade Step 1: Identify the headlight beam height adjuster screw, it's located behind the headlight assembly, facing up, very easy to find. Step 3: Stick the masking tape on the edge of the screw to mark its position, then use a blade to slice the masking tape to free the upper part which can rotate with the screw. NOTE: Anti clock wise higher beam throw and vise versa. Recommendation is 3 x degree turns anti clock wise.

I just did one turn and leave the masking tape there so can adjust if I'm not happy. I have no problem with my passenger side head light, so I just adjusted my driver side headlight. The screw. I prefer using Allen key because confirm won't slip and damage the screw, and easy to count the turn.

The masking tape marker. See carefully how the masking tape is sliced in the middle. This is where the screw is located. I have not tested yet. Don Mikler 11 April at Unknown 2 October at Raj 21 March at Harish Kumar 28 October at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Anyone know how to adjust the low beam height on the LCI E90?

I stared at the headlight assembly for 10 minutes and remain clueless. I also looked in the owner's manual and it's silent on this issue. Can we do it ourselves easy or does it need a service appointment? I'm sure they are manually adjustable. The car should have come with them set at the proper level.

They also self-level based on the load in the car. What makes you think yours need adjusting? I adjusted my xenon within a month of getting my car about three years ago. It was so helpful. There is a screw on the housing of the Xenon lights that adjusts the height.

Here is a link and look at post 20 in this linkm it has a picture of the screw to adjust. I believe it's possible There are instructions on how to properly aim a headlight on page 5 of the thread in PDF format.

Big Brother: They were not set properly from the factory. They're too low like the other posters noted as well. It has nothing to do with self leveling - that works fine. Thanks for checking to see if I was an idiot first.

bmw e90 adaptive headlight adjustment

Thanks, but that thread is from The 09' headlight assembly looks very different. Can you snap a pic of the screw on yours since you have an 09 as well? I adjusted mine on the 06 E YOu have to make sure the right one is lower though.

I would go look at the car and take a picture, but it's been at the dealership for a week one. Here's a pic from mine. Adjustment can be made with a medium sized phillips head screwdriver. I just adjusted mine up about 1.Play primarily for fun. Why become our member. Investment with high returns - Win over 20 000 units since the beginning of 2010.

335i Adaptive Headlights Height Adjustment

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WOXMA Led Bulbs // How to Disable "Adaptive Headlights" Error on E90/E92 - & GIVEAWAY WINNER

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