Advanced programming projects reddit

Email Subscription. These Projects are found after a long research by me. I hope you guys will like it. Add caption. Library Management System:- One can make a Library management system which include number of books available, borrowed booksfine per book if there is delay in submitting the book within given time span.

School Management System:- One can make a project on school management system which include number of students and staffadmission of studentstudent records etc. Guess the Number Game:- In this game these is a number and the user have to guess the number in some given number of chances. If user enters correct number then a positive indicator must be shown. For the average die, that means a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6.

Python Projects for Intermediate. Currency Convertor :- You can make this project in which you provide user with 20 or 30 types of currency and convert them to other kind of currency depending on user.

Tic Tac Toe:- You can make a tic tac toe game user vs program. The user needs to be able to input letter guesses. A limit should also be set on how many guesses they can use. This can be grabbed from a pre-made list.

No need to get too fancy. You will also need functions to check if the user has actually inputted a single letter, to check if the inputted letter is in the hidden word and if it is, how many times it appearsto print letters, and a counter variable to limit guesses.

A complete text game, the program will let users move through rooms based on user input and get descriptions of each room. Alarm Clock:- You can make an alarm clock. You have to set time whatever you want in any format and at that particular time program will pick a random link which is saved in the file and start playing YouTube video. Mp3 Player:- You can make an mp3 player where user can play their mp3 files and other digital audio files without installing a physical player.

Python Projects Advanced. You-Tube Video Streaming:- You can make a project that streams recorded videos from database. Online Freelancing Job finder:- You can make an online portal where Freelancers can find jobs for them. Digit Identifier:- You can make a program which identifies the digit in a image.

AI chatbot:- You can make your own personal assistant like siri or cotana. Programming Arduino using Python:- You can make a project on how we can send data back and forth between a computer through Arduino serial. Tags: Programming.

advanced programming projects reddit

Social Plugin. Popular Posts. Non-Preemptive Priority Scheduling April 04, June 23, AI 1 Apple 1 Apps 1 datascience 1 datastructures 33 gaming 2 google 2 malware 1 operating system 1 operatingsystem 41 Programming 11 technology 13 webdevelopment 2.Computer Science and Engineering. Please complete the required fields. Privacy Policy. Share Functions with loops on dictionaries, function to invert a dictionary.

Find square root, generate random numbers, display multiplication table, find sum of natural numbers, convert decimal to binary, find factors of number, display calendar, add two matrices, find size of an image, count number of vowels, merge mails, etc. Frequency: 1 per calendar day. What is your current programming level? Absolute beginner. I have taken courses but need practice.

VOTE Results. What exercises are you looking for? Data Structures lists. Conditional Statements. A bit of everything. Data Science. File IO, Environment variables. Vote Results. What type of projects are you interested in? Software development - scripting. Web Applications.One of the most important ways to develop your skills and improve your employability as a software engineer is to work on side projects. These can run the gamut from open source projects to helpful tools and scripts, to fun toys.

We want to work on a side project but struggle to come up with a good idea. In my experience, this happens when we subconsciously artificially restrict ourselves. By setting the bar too high — like aiming to create a successful, popular, and original open source library — we rob ourselves of the opportunity to have fun and learn something from a less ambitious, but still worthwhile, side project. The emphasis here is not on projects that are going to change the world.

Instead, these are fun projects to give you something to add to your portfolio and make you a better developer. These projects are suited for engineers trying to beef up their computer science fundamentals. Build a simple FTP client. As a bonus challenge, support secure file transfer. HTTP Server suggested implementation: any programming language you want to master. There are a number of tutorials available to guide you through the process.

Build a simple operating system suggested implementation: any programming language you want to master. This is a project that is technically challenging and will deepen your understanding of how computers and operating systems work. You might wish to start with the free and cleverly named book, Operating Systems: From 0 to 1. Build a web scraper suggested implementation: any programming language you want to master.

Bandwidth monitor suggested implementation: live updating CLI tool. Build a tool to track how much data you have downloaded or uploaded on the internet.

Have it email you a weekly report of your usage. As a bonus challenge, predict peak usage times. Implement a cipher suggested implementation: any programming language you want to master.This is a programming project for Advanced Beginners. Subscribe to my new "Programming Feedback for Advanced Beginners" newsletter to receive concise weekly emails containing specific, real-world ways to make your code cleaner and more professional. Each week I review code sent to me by one of my readers. I highlight the things that I like, discuss the things that I think could be better, and offer suggestions for how the author could make their code cleaner and easier to work with.

Subscribe now to receive these invaluable improvements in your inbox every week, completely free. In Snake, the player pilots a snake around a grid, trying to eat apples and avoid crashing into walls or their own tail. Each time the snake eats an apple, its body gets longer. Eventually it eats so many apples and its body gets so long that it fills up the entire world. Death becomes inescapable, and the player is suffocated beneath their own success and greed. The first version of Snake was written in the s for an ancient computer with an acronym instead of a name, but the first time that I and many other people of a certain age played it was in the s on the Nokia mobile phone.

advanced programming projects reddit

If you have never owned a Nokia phone then Google has a vanilla version that you can try out. Our version will be much better. Before we write a single line of code, we have a lot of design decisions to make.

Should our game run in the terminal? On a browser? What should the gameplay be like? How fun should it be? What ingredients should it have?

Make a list of as many different features that our Snake game could have as you can dream up. There are no rules apart from the normal requirements of human decency. How about:. Second, you can go to Google and get familiar with the core concepts behind OOP before continuing with this project. Finally, you can push on and pick things up as you go along. All of these approaches are valid. Remember, you never have to use OOP.You and your good buddy, Steve Steveington, are starting a company together!

You can read more about your grand plans here. Your can take a list and select all of the strings that contain an even number of upper-case letters in your sleep.

You get suggestions and pointers along the way, but have to design and write all of the actual code yourself. You can complete the projects using whatever language you happen to be learning.

advanced programming projects reddit

Subscribe to my new "Programming Feedback for Advanced Beginners" newsletter to receive concise weekly emails containing specific, real-world ways to make your code cleaner and more professional. Each week I review code sent to me by one of my readers. I highlight the things that I like, discuss the things that I think could be better, and offer suggestions for how the author could make their code cleaner and easier to work with.

Subscribe now to receive these invaluable improvements in your inbox every week, completely free. This includes APIs, databases, webhooks, queues, and much more. The first project is about building a secure user login system, and you figure that you can use the techniques in the project to authenticate the users of Steveslist and to safely store their credentials.

You sit down at your computer and tell your unpaid intern to hold your calls. If these credentials are valid, it prints a deep, dark secret. If not, it tells the user to get lost. This is conceptually very similar to how websites authenticate their users. They ask a user for a username and password, and then only show the user the orders they have received for their off-brand toothpaste if the credentials are correct.

This might sound easy. And it is - at first. This will minimize the damage to our users were the contents of our database to be stolen by hackers. However, the strategies are equally applicable in any situation where passwords are required. Just pretend that the username and password are entered in a browser by a user on the other side of the world, rather than in your terminal.

This function should take 2 arguments: username and password. It should return true if the credentials are valid, and false if they are not. Wrapping the code that does this inside a function will help minimize the impact of our changes on the rest of our code.

Sometimes this information can be essentially irrelevant, like in the case of Twitter, where all usernames are publicly visible already.This guide will tell you everything you need to know about using programming projects in your resume to help you get a job.

0. Choose an image

Chance are, you are one of hundreds of applicants for this job. The interviewer is tired. They have limited time and energy to spend on each applicant.

Your 1 job in the interview is to appear highly qualified for that job. And to do so quickly and clearly, because the interviewer does not have time to check if you really are qualified. What you should do is make the truth clear. Your resume needs to highlight interesting facts from your life that make it obvious you would do well in this job. Yes, if they clearly and quickly contribute to the picture that you are qualified for the position.

Do any of these people fit your situation? See if you can figure out whether personal projects will help each person. Jill is a new graduate looking for her first job as a programmer. Are personal Computer Science projects a good idea for Jill? The next question for Jill is what skill she would like to develop in the project. Bill has been working as a software tester for 5 years. He is familiar with software and wants to make the leap to programming for the better pay and more freedom.

Will cool programming projects help him make the switch? An interviewer might wonder whether Bill really was ready. How much training would he need?

40 Side Project Ideas for Software Engineers

Personal projects on his resume can help answer that question. Colleen has been working in software for ten years on a successful product. She basically wants to continue to work in software. Should she do some programming projects to prove that she can learn new things?

As an experienced professional programmer, nothing she could do in her spare time would compare to the magnitude of working on the same software for ten years. She should focus on highlighting aspects of that software that could be interesting to an interviewer at her target company. Think about it: you work on an e-commerce system for ten years. How is a tiny blog engine you wrote one afternoon going to compare to that? And what about that new tech stack? Read a book, try to set it up, and mention your opinions on it in the interview.

Because they are combinations, there are millions of them. No two companies have exactly the same setup. Tech stack is one thing, but what about programming language? Or even programming language paradigm? They fit the way he thinks. He wants to apply for jobs where they use functional programming. Should John do some side CS projects?

Plus, knowing multiple languages will always put you above someone who only knows one. I hope these examples made it easy to understand how to think about this.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more.

advanced programming projects reddit

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. With the demand for ever more complex websites, the ability to write robust, standards-compliant JavaScript has never been greater.

TypeScript is modern JavaScript with the support of a first-class type system so learning TypeScript means that it is simpler than ever to write complex web systems. TypeScript gives you, the tools that you need to build reliable systems while still being able to use the JavaScript libraries of your choice.

In this book, we are going to learn by building a series of websites, how to build TypeScript applications. You will experience a variety of solutions to problems with TypeScript.

We will do web development projects briefly on simple vanilla typescript to get the ball rolling, then a full stack project with node. In the end, we will build an image recognition application with TensorFlow. We will also learn how to use TypeScript effectively with. NET Core application along with by building a Music library application. By the end of this book, you will be able to build high-quality and high-performing web-based applications across various domains for your clients.

If you feel this book is for you, get your copy today! Following is what you need for this book: This book is for programmers and web developers who are familiar with TypeScript and want to put their knowledge to work by building real-world complex applications. Prior experience with any other web framework is not required.

With the following software and hardware list you can run all code files present in the book Chapter Click here to download it. In this time, he has developed desktop and web applications of all types and sizes. Peter is always keen to embrace new technologies and languages, which has led him to be actively involved in technologies such as augmented and mixed reality, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and gesture recognition. Click here if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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